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We are excited about the prospect of converting our 62 year old library to be a Library/Learning Center which would include library use and new moveable furniture on wheels, to easily transform the learning space, and tools for group resource projects and presentations. Our students need to be able to readily access current information in religion, science, social studies, and literature. We believe that this center can be a wonderful way for students to come together in their learning at all age levels and for teachers to work in a collaborative way as they plan the implementation of the curriculum. At the same time, we will be able to invite parents to come together to learn in this center.

Please consider our need as we move forward responsibly in this educational endeavor. Providing a relevant value-centered education is costly and a definite challenge; however, we are committed to our Mission and Philosophy which states in part:

St. John Vianney Catholic School is committed to the formation of a community inspired by Gospel values, in which a diverse group of students expands upon their gifts and recognizes their uniqueness in order to become self-directed, active learners in an interdependent world.

  • All children deserve an educational experience that validates and celebrates their individual differences while promoting their spiritual, academic and physical well being.
  • Teachers facilitate academic excellence, critical thinking abilities, and technological competence which enable students to develop communication and cooperation skills empowering them to assume a vital role in society.

We look forward to inviting you to see our Library/Learning Center as it progresses along. Just as the first parents saw a need and stocked our shelves with books; so now, we plan responsibly for the current and future students.