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Seventh Grade Summer Expectations

As your student transitions from seventh grade to eighth grade this summer, we ask that you continue to have your student read, write, and practice his/her math skills in order to keep his/her brain sharp and ready for seventh grade. (PDF of the Summer Expectation is available to download at the end of this page.)


Here are some suggestions for how to do this:


Mrs. Garman’s 7th Grade Math Class of 2019-2020 Entering 8th Grade

In addition to strengthening any needed skills (integers, fractions, equations, etc.), the following are topics that could benefit those who are interested in expanding their knowledge in preparation for 8th grade. These are supplemental and not requirements.

    • Learning these skills will help you move through 8th grade curriculum more smoothly. All of these topics will be seen again in your 8th grade math course.
      • Inequalities: writing, solving, and graphing
        • example: 3x +2 > -4
          • lessons and practice in and
          • Equations with variables on both sides:
          • Equations with fractions (clearing fractions): 
        • Learning these skills will complete the geometry unit we started in 7th grade. Those going into Algebra 1 will likely not see these topics again until a high school geometry class. Getting an overview of these concepts and how to use special formulas for each will help later on. Those taking 8th Grade Math will see these topics next year.
Additional Suggestions - These are NOT MANDATORY, but suggestions for further practice and support.
There are many other online programs that your students can easily access for fun and extra practice.
Have your student read about current events, too! This can be as simple as choosing an article from the newspaper or choosing an article online and asking your student to read it and tell you about it. What was the article about? Why is it important? What did the author want the reader to learn? Your student may login to with his/her SJV account (sign into the SJV account, first, and then click “Sign in with Google”) and read articles if he/she would like to. All of the students should have access to Newsela since we have been reading various articles throughout the school year.
Most importantly, help your student to enjoy reading!