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Fundraisers are planned to either assist families with their fundraising commitment, build up the community through social events, or to help a class with a special event, for example, 5th grade Science Camp.

Fundraising Commitment
Every family is assessed a $400/child fundraising fee, which is a way to keep the tuition from escalating.  Therefore, the money collected through this type of fundraising is part of the operating budget. Certain fundraisers are held as options for credit toward this commitment, if a family wishes to participate in any of them.  If a family does not wish to participate, the family may pay the $400/child, or the portion not completed by April 30, no later than June 1. The Family Report indicates how much has been credited toward the fundraising commitment.
The fundraisers that count toward the fundraising commitment are: Scrip, eScrip, Gift Wrap, Magazine Drive, See’s Candy Sales, Cookie Dough, and Walk-a-Thon.

Community Events and other school fundraisers
Some school fundraisers are designated to bring the community together to have fun and raise money for the school.  These include: Golf Tournament, Holiday Faire, Crab Feed, etc. These are opportunities to invite other people to join our community.

Class fundraisers
Sometimes a class raises money for a special event, such as 5th grade for Science Camp, 8th grade for some graduation activities, 7th grade for the brunch they host for 8th graders, etc.  These fundraisers are not publicized for the whole school, rather the class supports the event and gets others to support it also. Reminders about these fundraisers are sent through the class.

Some additional ways to assist the school and to keep the tuition at a reasonable rate are through Target (1% return to school if you use a Target credit card and designate SJV School), Savemart/Lucky card, Boxtops for Education, etc.  Of course, matching gifts through various businesses are a huge help also.

Proceeds from the following fundraisers apply to your monetary commitment: (indicates percent of total purchases that apply towards your commitment)

  • Gift Wrap Sale (50% credit)
  • Magazine Drive (50% credit)
  • See’s Candy Sales – October and March (30% credit)
  • Walk-A-Thon (80% credit)
  • eScrip
  • Cookie Dough (40%)