1. Why do we have a $400 per child fundraising commitment?
In lieu of higher tuition, the finance committee established the $400 per child fundraising commitment. It is a way for the community (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) to support St. John Vianney School through Scrip, eScrip, Gift Wrap, Magazine Drive, See’s Candy Sales, Cookie Dough, and Walk-a-Thon.

2. What if I do not meet my Fundraising Commitment by April 30th?
You simply write a check for the remaining balance.

3. Do I have to participate in all the Fundraisers?
You do not have to participate in all the fundraisers, but we highly encourage you. Fundraisers benefit our children! If we surpass our fundraising goals, that money is set aside for special projects / improvements for our school.

4. How do I keep track of the amount credited towards my fundraising commitment?
Family reports are distributed on a monthly basis through the communication envelope to keep you informed on your fundraising efforts.