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SCRIP Coordinator: Erica Quinonez

What is Scrip?  Scrip is a gift card fundraising program where families purchase gift cards directly from sales office or online ( and St. John Vianney School gets rebates on the face value of your purchase.  There are over 700+ retailers that participate in this rebate program.

Purchases can be made by family and friends as well, just ensure that they include your child’s name so that you get credit toward your families fundraising commitment.

Do you shop at SaveMart or Safeway? Go to AMC Theater movies? Planning any home improvements, then shop at Home Depot or Lowe’s.  Fill your gas tank up with Arco or Shell Gas! This is an easy way to receive credit for shopping at the same places you normally visit.  You’d be surprised how these rebates quickly add up!

SCRIP also makes great gifts, such as Macy’s, Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, iTunes….., to list a few favorites.

Going on vacation? Then you can special order American Express, American Airlines and Disney Scrip.  See the list of available cards or visit  Ordering has never been so easy!

Scrip Order Form– SCRIP order requests can be made through the Scrip sales office, extended care, or dropped off at the school office.  All order requests must have payment submitted prior to order placement by Thursday at 2pm. All online orders not paid through ShopWithScrip – Presto Pay need to printed and paid through the school office, as well, by Thursday at 2pm.  Orders are available for pickup in the Main Office on Tuesday afternoon.

***Scrip Sales Office***

Every Tuesday & Thursday

7:45 – 8:15 am   &   2:45 – 3:15 pm


Order Online!                                

Go to and click Register, then click Join a Scrip Program.

St John Vianney School ID# :    739BALFC9189

(For proper recording, please use youngest child’s information) – (Name & Teacher and/or Family ID)

You can also enroll in Presto Pay for 24/7 access and use the MyScripWallet mobile app.

**If you need assistance signing up, visit the Scrip Sales Office on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  If you are not available, please contact to arrange a time.

To start browsing gift cards to over 700+ retailers visit

Rebates add up quickly!

By simply planning ahead on everyday purchases, the average family can earn $500 – $1,000 in a year!   Also, you can get credit for your family’s annual fundraising contributions by offering this online gift card purchasing to family and friends, just include your child(ren) names during order. Once you have enrolled, emails will come periodically with information to easily share with Families and Friends. See how easy it is to reach your fundraising commitment goals with Scrip!

Average Rebate Spending Per Month Earnings Per Year
Grocery 4 % $600 $288
Gas 3 % $345 $124
Dining Out 8 % $100 $96
Fast Food 8 % $120 $115
Clothing & Accessories 4 % $160 $153
Home Improvement 8 % $130 $62
Online Shopping 10 % $85 $102
Movies/ Books / Gadgets 5 % $60 $36
TOTAL $1,600 $976

Want to Volunteer?  We are always looking for people for order fulfillment.  Please contact us.

Chair: Erica Quinonez        Contact :