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Service Hour Submittal Form
Volunteer Opportunities

Any questions should be e-mailed to the Tally Committee at

Parents are responsible for 45 service hours per family, which are worth $50 each or $2250. Various school and parish activities qualify for these hours. For events, there is no maximum number of service hours per family. Service opportunities are posted on the Volunteer Opportunities page or through the various committee sign-ups. However, it is each family’s responsibility to step forward and find ways to complete the hours. The service hour commitment for 2017-2018 school year must be completed by April 30, 2018. A fee of $50 per hour is due for those families who have not reached the 45-hour goal.

Grandparents are allowed to earn up to a maximum of 15 service hours per family. Grandparents must meet the same requirements as parents prior to volunteering as described below.

All volunteer service hours MUST be recorded through the online system provided. Click on the Service Hour Submittal Form button above. The password for each family can be found on the Family Report that is sent home each month.  If you have misplaced your Family Report and need your password, please contact the school office.

According to Diocesan Policy, any persons who are volunteering for the school MUST have fingerprint clearance on record in the school office and a current certificate of completion for the Shield the Vulnerable Training (valid for 3 yrs.) before volunteering. Service hour credit will only be given to parent/guardians and grandparents who have met the fingerprint and training requirement prior to volunteering. Any questions regarding these matters should be directed to the Principal or Office Manager.

To ensure prompt credit for service hours, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Parents/guardians must record service hours using the online submittal form immediately after service is performed. Late submittals (one month after service) will not be honored. Exceptions will not be granted.
  • Credit is given based on the date the service is performed.
  • Only service hours performed from May 1 through April 30 will count for the school year. Hours do not roll over to the following year.
  • Provide detailed information on what service was done, when it was done in the “Specific Activity Performed” field. “Christmas Fair” is not a sufficient description. Failure to provide the information requested will result in service hour approval delays.
  • Follow instructions on the online form and enter the hours completed in 0.25 hour increments. Round your hours to the nearest quarter of an hour. (i.e., 15 minutes = .25 hours, 30 minutes = .50 hours, 45 minutes =.75 hours.
  • 1 hour of service = 1 hour of credit within the guidelines listed herein.
  • Only St. John Vianney Parish and School related service hours may receive credit (the only exception being Scout Leaders – see below).
  • Only service hours completed by parents/guardians may receive credit.
  • Check for typos and ensure that the family ID and actual service date are correct when submitting hours online.
  • Service hours are tallied for the Family Reports on the first week of each month for the previous month.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Tally Committee immediately.

There is no maximum number of service hours per event per family.

Please Note: Fiesta hours must be submitted by the last day of the school year (one month after service) of the Fiesta year, otherwise credit will not be given.

Chairpersons – Head Chairpersons of events are required to present a list of volunteers to the Tallying Committee. (The Fiesta Head Chairperson must make certain that the Tallying Committee receives all volunteer lists before the last day of school.)


  • Camping and field trips are not included for credit.
  • Only 1 troop leader and 1 co-leader per troop sponsored by SJV Parish may receive volunteer credit. Leader hours are credited for meetings and coordinating troop activities.
  • If a leader asks for parent assistance, parents may receive a maximum of 4 hours of scout volunteer time each year for helping with scout activities or attending meetings.

Sports Coaches – Coaches receive volunteer credit for coaching sports practice and games.

Baking Credit -Families receive a maximum of 2 hours per year credit for home made baked goods.